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Tea Time

Tea Time

When you hear the word “tea,” do you think of England or Asia? I think of England and tea time, which occurs twice a day. First you have morning tea, around 10 or 11, then you have afternoon tea, around 3 or 4. Basic English tea times include black tea of various varieties with sweetener and starchy biscuits. Across the world “tea time” isn’t too much different, although tea is served throughout the day and is a staple with meals. Asian tea varieties branch out of the black tea and include green and white teas and sweeteners are usually omitted.

Different Teas

Different Teas

Overall you have three different tea varieties: black, green, and herbal. Black tea is the most traditional and the most oxidized of the teas, so it has a more robust flavoring. Hot teas usually include black teas, especially traditional social preparations and consumptions. Green teas come both warm and iced and are the more obvious choice for the Southern iced tea option. Because it’s grassier in flavor, most people either love it or hate it. Then you have the non-caffeinated herbal tea of herbs and spices. You’ll find it both hot and cold across the world.

White Tea

White Tea

If you’ve never heard of white tea, you’re going to now. White tea is the lightest in tea flavoring because it’s the least mature of the tea varieties. Thanks to a famous Snapple commercial, America found out that white tea comes from the baby tea leaf. In other words, rather than letting the plant mature to full adulthood, brewers pick the leaves while they are still young. You then get a lighter flavoring that’s much less grassy in aftertaste. White tea leaves are brewed for both hot and iced varieties.